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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Imports Or Domestic?

Cars have been around for how long?

Today cars are societies top means of transportation.

That's if can you afford one. All that goes along with it as well, the payments, insurance, and maintence.

All that for a horse. Yes, I mean a horse that you see at a farm.

Just take a trip back in time to when horse and buggie were the top means of transportation!

All of the above still apply.

You still needed to buy one. Make sure its a good, strong horse, and yes most important take care of it!

Never mind feeding it. All you needed was big property, big land.

If you had money, the horse probably got hay.

Today times just would not be suitable for a horse and buggie.

Yes gas prices wouldn't be an issue!!

But could you imagine the amount of back up you would get through the Lincoln or Holland tunnel.

Not just with horses, but the manuer!

Yes, hold your nose alright. Through the whole stretch of the tunnel?

You can not even do it with a car going 30 mph with no traffic.

Maybe 60 mph! I wouldn't recommend a try tho.

Waste Management Business or Scoopy Poo Business would be making millions!

Well today is the oil companies are making the billions!

But you still need to get to places.

Import or Domestics?

Honda or Ford? Car or Truck?

Would like to find a good car, at a good price?

With gas still on the rise!

King Of the Roads?

Which car would you put as king of the road?

SpeedTv is great! Now that I watch TV on the computer!
From NASCAR, to bikes, Hot cars, to cool rides.
There a lot of cars out there, makes, models from many manufactures.

From my point of view I see one choice as king of the road.

The New 2008 Nissan GT-R! About time they made this car available to be sold in the states.It's rare to see it's older model's on the road in the United States.

But if you do, man, I have. Your jaw drops!
That's if you know what it looks like. If you haven't, if I can remember it was in the first Fast and the Furious movie.

This new 2008 GT-R Kills Corvetts I hear!
I'm sorry to
all american car lovers!I love european cars!
So don't feel too bad. Maybe not. That what I started driving with. It grew on me.

Yeah the GT-R is a Japanese made car. But if you look closely I think it has german ingenuity in it. The only thing it's $100,000 cheaper then a Mercedes Benz Roadster.

At that I'll buy two Great toys!

Check it out for yourself ->

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